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About Us

After many years working in the N.H.S I felt it was time for a change, I felt it was I time I did what I have always loved, caring for animals, time to take the plunge and start my own business. Magnus Pet Care was born

My own little animal family currently consists of four dogs, two  Giant Schnauzers, a Labrador and a Dandie Dinmont, and Dave The Cat.  Over the past 30 years I have had many dogs, large and small,  pedigree and cross breed, rescue dogs and those I have reared from puppies. I do not remember a time I have not had at least one cat, from a pedigree Tabby Point Siamese  to moggy kittens from Cat Rescue and the S.S.P.C.A. I have also had tropical fish and budgies.

To enhance my years of experiential knowledge in caring for pets  I have completed a course in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business which incorporated certificated modules in Canine and Feline First Aid and Animal Health Care and I am working towards qualifications in Canine and Feline Behaviour.

Magnus Pet Care covers Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages within a 10 mile radius of MK13.

If you want to know more about my service please contact me, just click the contact button or call 07484 804910

Magnus Pet Care is fully insured, and I have DBS clearance.