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Dogs & Puppies


Dog Walking
No matter the age or breed, all dogs need regular exercise  in order to keep them happy and healthy. I can offer 1 to 1 walks for 30 minutes or 1 hour and family groups walks, that is up to 4 dogs who live together in the same residence, for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Your dog/s will be collected from your home at the agreed time and driven to a safe area away from traffic, where they  will have a 30 minute or an  hours walk. All walks will be on lead unless you specifically request and give me written instructions that they be allowed off lead.  On return home they will be given fresh water and I will clean up after them.

As I do not do group walks this ensures that your dog is spending the shortest possible time in the my car after being collected from your house. It also gives you  piece of mind knowing that your dogs will be the centre of my attention and my priority while they are in my care.

Dog Pop In

You may not want your dog taken out for a walk but you would like someone to pop in and just make sure your pet is fed, given fresh water and let out into the garden. I will also give your pet any medication they may require, giving you the peace of mind that your dog is having all their needs cared for when you are away for the day.

Home visits up to 3 times a day. Each visit includes feeding and giving fresh water. I will also tidy up after them. At the owner’s request, I will let them run around in the garden or take them for short walks with the appropriate exercise given according to their age and breed.

10% discount for booking of 10 walks or visits. Prices start from £8.00 for a 30 minute walk/visit.